Nas said... / by Britta Badour

I been thinking ‘bout how sleep
is the cousin of death
Nasir Jones made
an indelible
impression on my lazy bones
making me think twice about the
dreams I’ve been having lately
How to see the truth of the matter is what it means to be woke
I’m steady peeling back the skin of my eyes stewing in misunderstandings
like my mother’s mother picking the psoriasis of her upper arm
I have my daily routine on no alarms
I sleep as much as I want to cuz
in my dreams I get the best work done

My main priority is keeping friends with friends who live around the corner
We done pointing out where we used to be
But where we headed is a product of a childhood dream
People have died from lack of attention
Lifeless bodies imitating art
coming second place to the original foreshadow
left unacknowledged, in the dark
Not every superhero sleeps in their uniform
I confront my greatest strength rushing out the door

My dreams revolve around laughing peacefully, 
the loss of feeling my heartbeat too loud
too hard
and too uncontrollably