Talented. / by Britta Badour

I insert a lust for life
against your veins' dotted lines
like needlework
I don't hurt but I get under your skin
My voice is supple
My heart is trouble
My techniques are subtle
And if you searching for a quench
of thirst I'll make you puddle
My poem are puzzles - 
incongruous shapes, patterns
fragments of thought bubbles
My home is rubble
Like concrete rose
I grew skyscraper out of stubble
When I die
I'll leave no traces behind
But a speck of light I am
What a speck of light!
Full of potential
I am gold and I am bright
Intoxicated by moon
I'm muddleheaded and poetic
Two parts perfectly impolite
I have a medley on my mind
A delicious afro under my hood
I'm strapped with drops of lavender on my back
I smell good!
I'm charismatic for the claps
People pay to see me
People exchange looks and books to be me  
Or at least keep me long time
I keep old fires warm
I keep dreams within reach
I am a talented somebody 
I'm who you want on your team