Fluke / by Britta Badour

Your gut feeling
won't always offer you advice, it's
filed under piles of past deflections of your presence
It ain't gon' always tell you what's good for you but
it will tell you
what you've been able to hold

For every hint of happiness
there is an equal pinch of pain

The solar system
is swollen
with stupidity
An infinite supply of sun particles fly into our sky
and we are granted and instance
an interactive instance
to witness
of gargantuan globs of star dust coated in flesh
becoming trapped in light

are not a fluke
Youse a rebel with a rhyme

Besides, what's this concept of time
but a self-assigned sign
from the universe?

There is
There has
and there will be
The is is all gone
A supermassive black hole
erupting in the cosmos of your heart

The Dream Watcher is watching you- 
You don't have to have sweet dreams
You are sweet dreams!

You seek for one answer
And there are many angles
to one's truth

You are not a fluke

How else could you still be here
without the mysterious
strength and proof of the former you?

You are not a fluke 

Everybody's got their insecurities
flaws and disadvantages
but nobody's got you

You are not a fluke
You are not a fluke