You Are Capable of Such Things / by Britta Badour

by a night’s worth of rest
to a foamy bed

My eye
catches onto a diamond glinting in the velvet black sky

I’m reluctant

to call it a


Burning a hole through my bedroom window
so bright it seems highly likely that an angel
is somewhere up there
reflecting the face of their wristwatch
specifically in my way
to get me to notice something elaborate
I have to squint
to moderate the intensity of its brightness (and clarity)
and in this quizzical position
I somehow find myself formulating a scientific opinion that
in today’s interest of dreams to come true
this is not actually one star, but two!

A binary system
(a double star)
Two stars gravitationally bound to circle ‘round one another until
death do them part

And in the afterglow
of a sheer, brilliant
educated guess
an afterthought develops
as I lay languid with an ear pinned to my lover’s chest

I’m inhaling this man’s heartbeat
as if it were
my own morning breath

I think of how
inseparable we’ve been these last two months
now that we’ve been together for… officially…
give or take… Two months.
(Hold on, now. This is a first for me)
I’ve never spent so much time with someone
I’d like to think I could love
I’m not someone you can love
ev-ry-day but
maybe he
could be the
I was bound to circle ‘round…

What is more than being in love
is falling in love
and feeling love
come back around your way

And even if you’re the only one
sending vibes out to wish someone you care about
to have a brighter day…

It is
a bit
of a miracle
to know that you are capable of such things